Best Places to go with Kids in Denver

Denver, the biggest city in Colorado has something for everybody. If you are planning to visit Denver with your kids, you must be concerned about the best places you should visit with them. There are very many places that you and your kids will find great dun in Denver. In fact, you can’t exhaust all that Denver has to offer. In this article, we are going to look at some of the best places that you can go with kids while on your vacation to Denver.

Places To Go With Kids In Denver.

The Denver Zoo.

When in Colorado with your kids make sure that you visit the Denver Zoo . You will definitely enjoy walking around the zoo watching the different species of animal here. There are likewise some fantastic activities that your kids can get involved in at various locations while in the zoo, for example, the drums at the Congo basin.

The Children’s Museum Of Denver.

This is another popular destination that is suitable for you and your kids. The interesting thing here is that there is a free day when you don’t have to pay for anything. The free day is normally on the first Tuesday of every other month. There are lots of fun activities that the kids can get involved here and have much fun. They can participate in music and crafts and also there are large play areas where your kids can play with others.

Dinosaur Ridge in Morrison.

This is yet another popular destination that you can’t afford to miss when visiting Denver with kids. Dinosaur footprints are recorded on the rocks along the roadside, and attractive hiking trails find its way through the ridge. Again there are so many activities that you participate in with your family and have great fun together. The memories here will be unforgettable and your kids will always want to come back once more.

Tiny Town.

This is located somewhere to the west of Denver in a town called Morrison. When you visit these spots with your kids, they will have fun riding train along the railroad course. They will also enjoy seeing the scale sized building that resembles a real village.


Not far from the children’s museum, you will discover the Downtown Aquarium. This place is a home of thousands of marine species both fresh and saltwater and also there is a restaurant inside the facility. Here you can enjoy a meal with your kids while watching at the many species of fish.

The above are some of the best places you can go with kids in Denver and have fun. When on your vacation to Denver, consider using Denver car rental so that it will be easy for you to explore all that Denver has to offer for you and your kids.