Top 5 Vacations Destinations For Solo Travelers

More and more people are traveling alone. Instead of trying to find a refuge that each of your friends and family members can meet, an increasing number of people choose to go on vacation alone using rental 24h.

The five best holiday destinations when traveling alone

The following 5 hotels are among the best places to consider if you travel alone on your next vacation trip:

Backpacker in Europe

This is one of the most popular individual travel destinations. With a lot of things to discover and a free train from one country to another, some travelers fill their backpack and experience everything that Europe has to offer. You can visit the country you want and discover all the points of interest to you. You can start in England, check Ireland and go to France, Germany, Switzerland and any other country you wish to see.

New York

If you love staying in a big city, there is no better place to travel alone in Big Apple. With all the great nightlife, theater and shopping, not to mention Central Park, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and a host of other sites to visit, you will have no trouble filling your agenda.


Although it is already a long journey, it is worth visiting Australia. Thousands of solo travellers explore the country every year and make backpacks throughout the country. Most of them stay in their homes and spend their time in the great experience of the city and everything that remote areas can offer. You can also take a trip to New Zealand if time permits.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands:

Amsterdam is known for being a safe and wonderful place for solo travelers. With excellent nightlife, you will have no problem interacting with new friends and holiday visitors during your trip. There is absolutely no shortage of charming historic cafes and sites that will help you stay busy during your vacation. It will also be close to other large European countries that are only a short train ride away.


Island Ambergris Central America Cay Caulker Belize

If you’re looking for a much more tropical vacation spot, Belize is the best option for independent tourists. Spend several hours enjoying the sun on its stunning beaches, reviewing aquatic life or participating in water activities such as diving and diving. This is a very good option for a solo beach holiday.

Any of these vacation spots is an excellent option for a solo trip using rental 24h. Now all you have to do is determine the type of vacation you want to take. Travel insurance!